Create an application in JavaFX that exemplifies the appearance and behavior of a next-generation enterprise RIA (rich internet application)

See the official announcement for more details on the rules etc. Announcing the JavaFXpert RIA Exemplar Challenge

Announcing the JavaFXpert RIA Exemplar Challenge

I will be judging the entries for their visual design with the help of fellow graphics judge Romain Guy. To help all the designers entering here are a couple of the original designs for the Caspian theme along with links to the photoshop files they were created with. This way you can see the how all the all the controls visuals are contracted using vector shapes and layer effects.

Download Controls.PSD.ZIP

Download Controls Mockup.PSD.ZIP

I also thought maybe some links to sites with good articles on design might be helpful. Most of these are associated with Web Design rather than Application User Interface Design but there is a large amount of cross over and I have not found any good sites on Application User Interface myself.

Here are a few links for inspiration: