FX Experience Has Gone Read-Only

I've been maintaining FX Experience for a really long time now, and I love hearing from people who enjoy my weekly links roundup. One thing I've noticed recently is that maintaining two sites (FX Experience and JonathanGiles.net) takes more time than ideal, and splits the audience up. Therefore, FX Experience will become read-only for new blog posts, but weekly posts will continue to be published on JonathanGiles.net. If you follow @FXExperience on Twitter, I suggest you also follow @JonathanGiles. This is not the end - just a consolidation of my online presence to make my life a little easier!

tl;dr: Follow me on Twitter and check for the latest news on JonathanGiles.net.

JavaFX links of the week, April 28

Heaps of links – enjoy! 🙂

Keep up the great work – catch you all next week!

JavaFX links of the week, April 21

Hi all. It’s a public holiday here in New Zealand today, so I’m going to rush this post out so that I can get back to spending time with my family. Enjoy!

  • Gerrit Grunwald has two posts this week. Firstly, he has ported yet another of his Swing ‘SteelSeries’ gauges to JavaFX – this time it is the altimeter control. Because of this, Gerrit has announced a new small project called AirSeries, which are his JavaFX-based gauges for JavaFX. Secondly, he has created a FlipPanel control, which, as the name suggests, allows for a panel that can have content on both its front and back, and which can be flipped (in an animated fashion) to reveal the other side of the panel.
  • José Pereda has written RubikFX, which is a JavaFX application that uses the 3D graphics functionality to solve the Rubik’s Cube puzzle.
  • Johan Vos has published a YouTube video showing off JavaFX on Android, using a Nexus 5 phone to read NFC cards. It is great to see all the effort that Johan and others have been putting into JavaFX on Android paying off!
  • Hendrik Ebbers has announced the release of DataFX 8 Preview 2. Release notes are available to understand the changes.
  • Dirk Lemmermann has posted his third JavaFX tip, which is to use the JavaFX Callback interface rather than creating your own custom interfaces.
  • Nathan Howard has a posted on how to set up key combinations in JavaFX to use as accelerators in menus. Personally I prefer to use the form KeyCombination.keyCombination(“Shortcut+C”), as it is a little less verbose (and still cross platform – ‘shortcut’ will map to ctrl on Windows and cmd on Mac.
  • Version 8.0 of Jubula and GUIdancer has been released with support for JavaFX applications.
  • Jeff Martin has updated SnapCode (the IDE and RAD tool for education, entertainment and the enterprise), to add hit detection and more.
  • William Antônio Siqueira has posted a port of his sentiments app post last week to use nashorn and JavaScript this week (as well at JavaFX, of course).

That’s us for another week. Catch you all next week, and keep up the great work folks! 🙂

JavaFX links of the week, April 14

Another week, another bunch of links. Enjoy! 🙂

Catch you all next week 🙂

JavaFX links of the week, April 6

I’m going to be away from my computer for all of tomorrow, so here’s the JavaFX links from the past week, roughly 12 hours early! Enjoy 🙂

  • Gerrit Grunwald has posted twice in the past week. Firstly, he created a new gauge called ‘AirCompass‘, which he ported (quickly) from his Swing SteelSeries library. Secondly, he has created a ‘poor mans live editor’ by combining the JavaFX WebView component with the Nashorn JavaScript engine.
  • Amrullah has a post about a beta release of TiwullFX 2.0 (for JavaFX 8.0) being available for download and testing. This library is a very good one if you’re doing heavy table-related work (although I’ve not used it myself, I just think the feature set sounds cool).
  • Pedro Duque Vieira continues to improve his JMetro style for JavaFX, this time focusing on the Slider control. I’ve not really looked into Metro styling at all, but it seems to me that the slider fill colour on the vertical sliders appear to be coming out from the wrong side (the top rather than the bottom)? I guess it is hard to judge as the horizontal sliders are all at their zero position, so you can’t see what the fill colour is to the left of the thumb.
  • Jens Deters has blogged about using Swing and JavaFX in a single application by using JFXPanel.
  • Jeff Martin has updated his SnapCode project to include support for console i/o.
  • Simon Lissack has a blog post detailing the many ways in which external stylesheets can be loaded in JavaFX.
  • Frank Roth has a blog post about his jSona project mentioned last week (a JavaFX-based music player).
  • Bruno Borges has a blog post about his JavaFX version of the 2048 game. The source code is available, and as he notes, he used this project to better learn about a number of things, including lambda expressions, the Stream API, JavaFX 8, JavaFX CSS basics and JavaFX animations.
  • Sébastien Bordes has a post about JRebirth (his JavaFX application framework) running on Equinox.

Keep up the great work folks! Catch you all next week! 🙂