Scenic View is a JavaFX application designed to make it simple to understand the current state of your application scenegraph, and to also easily manipulate properties of the scenegraph without having to keep editing your code. This lets you find bugs, and get things pixel perfect without having to do the compile-check-compile dance.

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Just a really quick post about the availability of Scenic View 8.0.0 developer preview 4. This release is simply to get Scenic View working with the latest release developer preview builds of JavaFX 8.0. For those unfamiliar with Scenic View, here’s a short blurb: Scenic View is a JavaFX application designed to make it simple […]

I’m very pleased to make available the third developer preview release of Scenic View 8.0.0. This release hopefully improves the Mac OS support which has been at times difficult to implement (simply due to the nature of what Scenic View needs to do under the hood). This release includes improvements from Danno Ferrin (in particular […]

Today I’m pleased to make available an updated Scenic View 8.0.0 release (that is, the version of Scenic View targeted at JavaFX 8.x). This release is mainly to keep Scenic View working with the latest JavaFX 8.0 APIs. In addition a number of bugs have been resolved to make Scenic View slightly more usable (but […]

The development of JavaFX 8.0 has been ongoing for quite some time now, but for the most part the twists and turns of both public and private API changes has come to an end. Whilst these APIs have been changing I have been trying my best to keep Scenic View working (although it hasn’t always […]

After a little over a month since the release of Scenic View 1.2.0, Ander Ruiz and I are back with the news that Scenic View 1.3.0 is available for immediate download! This release brings with it a number of bug fixes, major performance improvements, much improved CSS support, Mac OS X native menubar integration, an […]