FX Experience Has Gone Read-Only

I've been maintaining FX Experience for a really long time now, and I love hearing from people who enjoy my weekly links roundup. One thing I've noticed recently is that maintaining two sites (FX Experience and JonathanGiles.net) takes more time than ideal, and splits the audience up. Therefore, FX Experience will become read-only for new blog posts, but weekly posts will continue to be published on JonathanGiles.net. If you follow @FXExperience on Twitter, I suggest you also follow @JonathanGiles. This is not the end - just a consolidation of my online presence to make my life a little easier!

tl;dr: Follow me on Twitter and check for the latest news on JonathanGiles.net.

JavaFX links of the week, May 27

JavaFX links of the week, May 27

Another week, another batch of links. I’m in a rush this morning, so lets get right into it! Enjoy :-)

Keep up the great work – catch you all in a weeks time!

Announcing Scenic View 8.0.0 Developer Preview 3

I’m very pleased to make available the third developer preview release of Scenic View 8.0.0. This release hopefully improves the Mac OS support which has been at times difficult to implement (simply due to the nature of what Scenic View needs to do under the hood). This release includes improvements from Danno Ferrin (in particular he redid the build system in gradle), and thanks must go to Danno, Gerrit Grunwald and Sven Reimers for offering to test and give feedback on Scenic View 8.0.0 builds on their respective machines. This has certainly helped to improve the reliability of Scenic View. Now I turn to the wider community to offer your feedback! Please leave comments in the comments section below with your findings (even reports that it works successfully are appreciated!).

Scenic View has been somewhat neglected recently as my focus has been on my day job (it’s keeping me rather busy), and on building out ControlsFX. My hope is to find time to bring Scenic View back up on JavaFX 8.0, but I’m relying on feedback from users about what is and is not working. If anyone has time to seriously contribute to development of Scenic View, I am also happy to work with you on it.

The Scenic View download is in its usual place, and because I get given grief if I don’t say what Scenic View is, here is the executive summary: Scenic View is a JavaFX application designed to make it simple to understand the current state of your application scenegraph, and to also easily manipulate properties of the scenegraph without having to keep editing your code. This lets you find bugs, and get things pixel perfect without having to do the compile-check-compile dance.


JavaFX links of the week, May 20

Welcome to another weeks worth of links. I should note that I’m back in New Zealand after a week in the US, and I was a little distracted last week, so some links may have slipped through the cracks. Sorry if I miss anybodies hard work! 🙂

That’s all this week. Catch you again next week!

JavaFX links of the week, May 12

This weeks post is a day early, as I’ll be traveling to the US this afternoon for meetings and such. Due to this, the number of links this week is a little lower than usual. I imagine next weeks post will be far bigger. Nonetheless, there is still plenty of reading and learning for you from the links this week. Enjoy 🙂

That’s all folks! Catch you again next week after I return from the US.

Announcing: ControlsFX

Announcing: ControlsFX

I’ve been hinting at this project for a really long time, and I’m finally ready to take the wraps off of it. I am incredibly pleased to announce the immediate availability of the first developer preview release of the brand new ControlsFX project. You can visit the ControlsFX page for all the details on how to download, use and contribute.

This has been a long-running project that has recently gained steam thanks to a number of contributors helping out. Over time I’ll call them out in more detail (and perhaps with interviews), but today the main people I’d like to thank are Eugene Ryzhikov, Hendrik Ebbers, and Danno Ferrin.

To conclude this post, I’m copy/pasting the new features documentation from the ControlsFX page into the remainder of this blog post.