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A lot of links this week, enjoy! :-)

That’s all folks. Catch you next week! :-)

A few good links this week – enjoy :-)

Catch you all next week!

A few good links this week means I can get the post out quickly and back to my day job! :-) Enjoy :-)

Catch you all next week!

A slightly delayed links roundup this week – I’ve been unwell and so I wasn’t behind my PC yesterday. Now that I’m recovering, here’s the links from the last week:

That’s all for this week – catch you next week! :-)

Heaps of links – enjoy :-)

Catch you next week :-)

A heap of links this week, enjoy! :-)

That’s all folks – back to work for me! Catch you next week :-)

Sorry for the few weeks of radio silence – I had the JavaOne distraction followed by a week of catching up on everything that needed me during the JavaOne week. I’m only just surfacing again now, and there are a huge number of links to cover, so pardon the succinctness – we have a lot to get through! I’ll also note that I’ve bound to have missed some links, so apologies for that. Now, on to the links – enjoy :-)

Phew! That took a while to write out! I hope you enjoyed the links from the past few weeks – and I’ll catch you again next week! :-)

It’s one week until JavaOne kicks off – I can’t wait to get over there and to catch up with a bunch of you. This week there are a bunch of good links too, so enjoy! :-)

That’s all folks. If everything goes to plan, the next post will be done from San Francisco sometime around the start of JavaOne. For those that are attending – safe travels and I look forward to seeing you there. For those that are not, follow along on twitter :-)

Two weeks until JavaOne – now I’m starting to get excited (and also overwhelmed by how much preparation I still have to do!). On with the links! :-)


Catch you all next week.

Not long now until JavaOne, so I hope everyone that is presenting is getting things sorted out! :-) Here’s the weeks links – enjoy! :-)

That’s all for this week. Catch you again next week!