Not long to go now until JavaOne! I’m really looking forward to heading over there again – it’s always nice to meet old and new friends. If you’re going to JavaOne be sure to come up and say hi! :-) There is a heap of interesting links this week – there is not the usual quiet period before JavaOne like in most years! Enjoy.

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It’s only three weeks until JavaOne is in full swing (pun intended) – I hope those of you presenting are getting prepared. Myself? I’m getting there slowly… I can’t wait until JavaOne arrives – being a month later this year has set my excitement up a level it seems.

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A good number of links this week. Enjoy!

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I’m posting this weeks links very quickly as I have a lot to get done this week! Enjoy! :-)

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As with the recent ControlsFX update release, I’m happy to announce the release of Scenic View 8.6.0. This release brings compatibility with JavaFX 8u60. Let me know if you run into any further problems. You can download it from the main Scenic View page.

As with ControlsFX, I will also be presenting a BOF at JavaOne on Scenic View. If you are in the neighbourhood I hope you can come along and we can chat about the future of this very useful tool!

With the recent release of JDK 8u60, a lot of people are reporting that ControlsFX no longer works. This is because private APIs that ControlsFX depends on changed in 8u60, and as such we have needed to update our library to deal with this. For those of you who are using JDK 8u60 and want to make use of ControlsFX, please use the latest 8.40.10-SNAPSHOT builds that are available on Sonatype.

ControlsFX 8.40.10 will be released in the next few months. There are a lot of pull requests to merge, and this release will probably be quite a feature-packed release, if the community contributions are anything to go by! Also, Eugene and I will be presenting about ControlsFX again at JavaOne this year, so if you are attending, be sure to come along and say hi!

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