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A very quiet week in the JavaFX world!

  • The Gluon guys (as well as members of the JavaFX community, such as Jens Deters and José Pereda) have announced the availability of the open source ‘Down’ library, a sub-component of the forth-coming (and commercial) Gluon Charm library. Down is useful for mobile JavaFX application developers to create software that makes use of specific elements of the mobile hardware that they run on.
  • René Jahn has posted about ‘JavaFX + Android + Live Preview‘. This post talks about using their (commercial) VisionX product and its live preview feature, to develop JavaFX applications for Android (using JavaFXPorts) without having to deploy to the device for testing.
  • Chris Newland has posted a second ‘demo scene’ video created using JavaFX. It is really quite impressive seeing JavaFX put through its paces and not breaking a sweat at 60fps.

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A very quiet week this week. One thing to note is that the JavaOne call for proposals is now open – so get your proposals in today!

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A heap of interesting links this week – enjoy :-)

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