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A huge number of links this week – people really are having fun with JavaFX these days, which is great to see!! :-)

That’s all for this week – catch you in a weeks time.

Hi all. The big news this week was of course Java 8.0 being released, but that didn’t seem to stop all of you from getting your projects done – there is a heap of interesting news this week! Keep up the great work, and to everyone else, enjoy! :-)

  • As mentioned, Java 8.0 / JavaFX 8.0 was released this week. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that this is a major release of JavaFX, bringing with it a heap of new features and bug fixes, having been in development for a very long time! If you haven’t already, you can download JDK 8 from the usual source. Whilst that is downloading, you can learn more about what is new in JavaFX 8.0, or read the JavaFX documentation. There are heaps of features in this release, but some of my (very biased!) favourites include new controls (TreeTableView and DatePicker), UI control support on embedded platforms, print support, 3D support, bi-directional text support, and of course the new Modena stylesheet that is used by default. You can read more detail about the JavaFX features in JDK 8 in the release notes.
  • Tom Eugelink has added a new ‘CircularPane’ layout container to the JFXtras project. His blog post is a very interesting read that covers the details of implementing such a layout (to avoid overlapping nodes, for example).
  • Tomas Mikula continues to create interesting JavaFX projects! This week he has open sourced his EasyBind project, which “leverages lambdas to reduce boilerplate when creating custom bindings.” Overall it looks like a very useful library for people to investigate using in their projects.
  • Speaking of Tomas, he has also done a blog post titled “Trigger processing after a period of inactivity“, which shows how to use ReactFX to defer processing of user input until a specified period of user’s inactivity.
  • Michael Berry has blogged about draggable and detachable tabs in JavaFX. This is something I’ve been wanting to do in JavaFX for a very long time, so I’m pleased someone has already done it :-) It would be great to see this contributed back to OpenJFX / JFXtras / ControlsFX so that it could be more widely used and tested.
  • Adam Bien has announced afterburner.fx version v1.4.4. This release includes support for resource bundles and improved support for mocking.
  • Dino Tsoumakis has updated followme.fx, a sample afterburner.fx project for iOS based on Adam Bien’s afterburner.fx.
  • Jens Deters has posted a call for people to verify the responsiveness of their applications to different screen / font size configurations, after he found one of his apps rendered poorly.
  • Christoph Nahr has released MIME Browser 1.3, a JavaFX-based application for browsing MIME messages that are locally stored in standard EML files.
  • Sean Phillips has a video titled “Enhancing NASA Mission Support with JavaFX 8“. The video demonstrates his work with JavaFX, ControlsFX, and NetBeans. Very impressive stuff.
  • Mark Stephens has a blog post with some screenshots / information about the new (and commercial) JavaFX-based PDF viewer that IDR Solutions is working on.
  • Dirk Lemmermann has released a first early access build of his (commercial) JavaFX-based FlexGanttFX library.

Catch you next week :-)

A heap of links this week – you’ve all been very busy! :-)

That’s all folks. See you next week! :-)

Another week rolls around, and so do a bunch more of your links. Enjoy!

  • A colleague of mine in the JavaFX team at Oracle, David Grieve, has started up a new blog. His first post is titled ‘lambda to the rescue‘, and it covers how, with the help of lambdas in Java 8, he is able to write better code in JavaFX.
  • Juergen Kress has a post about there now being NetBeans support for JavaFX on iOS.
  • I announced, on behalf of the ControlsFX project, that version 8.0.5 was released. This release is a major release with a number of new and useful controls. If you are unfamiliar with ControlsFX, be sure to check out the features page for a high-level summary of all the cool stuff available in ControlsFX.
  • There have been new releases of ScalaFX for both JavaFX 2.x and 8.x. If you’re a Scala fan, then you should definitely check this library out.
  • Pedro Duque Vieira has blogged about adding ProgressBar support in his JavaFX Metro stylesheet.
  • Geertjan Wielenga has interviewed Walter Nyland and Jason Wexbridge on their new book titled ‘NetBeans Platform for Beginners’, and the relevance of the Java desktop.
  • Jeff Martin posted an update to SnapCode this week with new Mouse and Keyboard sensing features, new pen graphics features and numerous improvements and fixes.

That’s that for another week. Catch you all next week! :-)

A relatively quiet week this week, but what we do have is great – new releases and new open source projects – great stuff!

Catch you all next week :-)

Another week, another batch of links. Enjoy!

That’s all folks! Catch you again next week.

Another week, more links – enjoy :-)

  • Tomas Mikula is working on two interesting projects that you should keep an eye on (on top of his excellent CodeAreaFX): ReactFX and UndoFX. The ReactFX “project is an exploration of reactive programming techniques for JavaFX” – and I highly recommend you look at the code examples to understand how it might be useful in your projects. UndoFX is “a general-purpose undo manager for JavaFX (or Java applications in general).” Again, something that could be very useful in your applications! :-)
  • Jens Deters has posted code to make it easy to animate a SplitPane divider.
  • Daniele Renda has a post on “Real World JavaFX with GraniteDS : the ACI Ticketing and Booking System”.
  • Dirk Lemmermann has blogged about another control coming in the soon-to-be-released ControlsFX 8.0.5: MasterDetailPane.
  • Thierry Wasyl has posted a handy tip on how to more cleanly ensure your code is running on the JavaFX Application Thread.
  • Steven Schwenke has blogged about an extendable search pane he has created in JavaFX, which may be useful for other developers.
  • Thomas Bolz has published his project ‘renamerFX‘ which is a utility to “batch rename your pictures and movies after taking them from the camera from cryptic to meaningful file names.”
  • Jan Kovar has started work on FXUtils, whose stated goal is to “develop set of components for easier development of JavaFX 8 applications using FXML.”

See you all next week for another round.

This year is going so fast! It’s February already?! Time to slow down and check out the latest JavaFX news I reckon! Enjoy :-)

  • Dirk Lemmermann has posted about a new control he has developed for JavaFX 8.0 and has contributed to the ControlsFX project. It is called PlusMinusSlider, and for anyone familiar with Google’s Picasa software, you may be familiar with the control. In Picasa it allows for scrolling through the images at a speed related to how far the slider thumb is from the center. When the mouse is released the thumb goes back to the middle and scrolling stops. A very specialised control for sure, but I’m certain people will find use cases for it in their own projects!
  • Tomas Mikula continues to improve his CodeAreaFX project for JavaFX. This library is a rich text editor, code highlighter and more – Tomas is doing an excellent job!
  • A video of Sven Efftinge and Tom Schindl presenting at W-JAX in Munich in 2013 about ‘Xtended JavaFX’ is now available online. From the summary page: “Xtend is a statically typed programming language which translates to readable Java source code. JavaFX is the new shiny way to develop desktop applications in Java. JavaFX applications written with Xtend are much less cluttered and more readable at the same time, hence it increases developer productivity significantly.”
  • Speaking of Tom, he has announced the release of e(fx)clipse 0.9.0, which looks to include a heap of new features.
  • Mario Voigt has posted a new project on Github that he is calling ScreenFX. It is a tool that “adds features to resize and arrange stage windows for multiple screens”.
  • Jens Deters has posted two videos of his SplitPaneSlider project, which I think is a nice feature for many user interfaces to consider using.
  • Tomas Brandalik has posted a video of his work on supporting JavaFX projects on Android from within a NetBeans environment.

That’s that for another week. Catch you all later :-)

Another week of great links – enjoy! :-)

Catch you all next week!

Hi all. It’s a public holiday where I am in New Zealand today, so I’m going to keep this post brief as my todo list is long. Enjoy! :-)

That’s all folks. Catch you next week!