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Another week rolls around, and with it another weeks worth of links. Enjoy! :-)


  • Tomas Mikula has two posts this week. Firstly, a post titled ‘detecting when the mouse stays still over a node‘. Secondly, he has a post on ‘separation of View and Controller in JavaFX Controls’, which is an interesting read, especially for me as JavaFX needs to have more public API around third party controls. The JavaFX Jira issue (RT-21598) is the best place to discuss this further.
  • Hendrik Ebbers has posted a sneak peak of some work currently being undertaken, to create a Windows 7-esque JavaFX style that is being called AeroFX. Already it looks very promising! This is a follow-on from the very successful AquaFX look developed previously.
  • Tom Eugelink has posted on his circle popup menu progress, which is available for download as part of JFXtras-8.0-SNAPSHOT-r2.
  • Jens Deters has released MQTT.FX 0.0.3. This is an application for publishing and subscribing to MQTT topics, which is commonly used in IOT projects.
  • Sébastien Bordes has announced the release of JRebirth Application Framework 7.7.2. This new version “fixes some troubles experienced with demo applications like bad image loading (by presentation engine) or animation failure that lead to an empty slide.”
  • The ReportMill blog has two posts this week. Firstly, they have announced that SnapCode, their IDE, is the ‘first and only pure JavaFX IDE‘. Secondly, they have posted some sample code for getting the visual bounds of a node. There is a Jira issue (RT-37509) for this functionality, and as I posted in there, I really wish someone would develop the code to make it possible to have a general-purpose glasspane in JavaFX (especially one that supports knowing the visual bounds of a node after scrolling, clipping, effects, etc).
  • Arnaud Nouard has posted that he has updated his Undecorator library for JavaFX 8.0, and that he has used this library in the development (and now release) of his aLive application, intended to “help music bands to organize rehearsals”.

That’s all folks. Catch you next week!

Another week, another round of interesting links. Enjoy! :-)

That’s all for this week – catch you all in a weeks time.

Another week, another round of links. Enjoy! :-)

That’s all folks. Now I can get outside and enjoy the public holiday here in New Zealand! :-)

There is a heap of links this week, and I’m already running late, so lets just jump right into them. Enjoy! :-)

That was the quickest JavaFX links post ever – sorry about the rush, things are a bit manic at the moment! :-) In any case, keep up the great work folks, you’re doing an amazing job.

Another week, and a heap more links! Great work folks, you’re up to all kinds of cool things! :-)

Catch you all next week!

A great line up of links this week, which shows how strong and vibrant our little community is. Keep up the great work folks, it is always fascinating reading about what you’re doing!

Catch you all next week! :-)

Surprise surprise – you folks are all hard at work on JavaFX blog posts! Keep it up, it’s always great to read what you’re all doing! :-)

Catch you all next week.

Heaps of links – enjoy! :-)

Keep up the great work – catch you all next week!

Hi all. It’s a public holiday here in New Zealand today, so I’m going to rush this post out so that I can get back to spending time with my family. Enjoy!

  • Gerrit Grunwald has two posts this week. Firstly, he has ported yet another of his Swing ‘SteelSeries’ gauges to JavaFX – this time it is the altimeter control. Because of this, Gerrit has announced a new small project called AirSeries, which are his JavaFX-based gauges for JavaFX. Secondly, he has created a FlipPanel control, which, as the name suggests, allows for a panel that can have content on both its front and back, and which can be flipped (in an animated fashion) to reveal the other side of the panel.
  • José Pereda has written RubikFX, which is a JavaFX application that uses the 3D graphics functionality to solve the Rubik’s Cube puzzle.
  • Johan Vos has published a YouTube video showing off JavaFX on Android, using a Nexus 5 phone to read NFC cards. It is great to see all the effort that Johan and others have been putting into JavaFX on Android paying off!
  • Hendrik Ebbers has announced the release of DataFX 8 Preview 2. Release notes are available to understand the changes.
  • Dirk Lemmermann has posted his third JavaFX tip, which is to use the JavaFX Callback interface rather than creating your own custom interfaces.
  • Nathan Howard has a posted on how to set up key combinations in JavaFX to use as accelerators in menus. Personally I prefer to use the form KeyCombination.keyCombination(“Shortcut+C”), as it is a little less verbose (and still cross platform – ‘shortcut’ will map to ctrl on Windows and cmd on Mac.
  • Version 8.0 of Jubula and GUIdancer has been released with support for JavaFX applications.
  • Jeff Martin has updated SnapCode (the IDE and RAD tool for education, entertainment and the enterprise), to add hit detection and more.
  • William Antônio Siqueira has posted a port of his sentiments app post last week to use nashorn and JavaScript this week (as well at JavaFX, of course).

That’s us for another week. Catch you all next week, and keep up the great work folks! :-)

Another week, another bunch of links. Enjoy! :-)

Catch you all next week :-)