I’ve just returned back from three weeks in the US, and one thing I was asked very frequently during JavaOne was if I’d be making my slides available. It turns out that I don’t even need to upload the slides manually this year – Oracle has put them all up online already. If you want to find slides for (I assume) any of the JavaOne sessions, you can search the content catalog.

However, for those interested in my sessions, the three talks I gave were the following:

  1. UI Controls and Charts: Drag-and-Drop, Filtering, Sorting, Table Hookup with Charts.
    Paru Somashekar and Jonathan Giles.
    Download slides.
  2. JavaFX Datasources: Getting Real-World Data into JavaFX Controls.
    Johan Vos and Jonathan Giles.
    Download slides. For more information, visit the DataFX website.
  3. Custom UI Controls and Charts with JavaFX 2.0.
    Jasper Potts and Jonathan Giles.
    Download slides.