JavaFX links of the week, June 12

A good number of links this week! Everyone is clearly working hard 🙂

JavaFX links of the week, May 15

Apologies for not posting anything last week – I was unwell at the start of the week, and spent the rest of the week catching up!

JavaFX links of the week, May 1

It’s May already. Crazy. Time seriously needs to slow down.

JavaFX links of the week, April 24

Sorry for missing last week – it was Easter weekend and my chore list was overloaded 🙂

JavaFX links of the week, April 10

Another round of weekly links – enjoy!

JavaFX links of the week, April 3

April already!?! Where does time go. Anyway, I hope everyone survived April Fools Day for another year.

JavaFX links of the week, March 27

A number of links this week, including:

JavaFX links of the week, March 20

A relatively quiet week this week, but a few nice links nonetheless:

  • Edvin Syse released FXLauncher 1.0.15, and auto updating launcher for JavaFX Applications.
  • GlazedLists 1.10.0 has been released. As Holger Brands put it to me: “It now features an JavaFX extension, which contains a bridge between EventList and ObservableList. EventObservableList is an implementation of ObservableList that is backed by a source EventList. That way you can use your existing EventList pipelines and connect it to the JavaFX world.” Very nice! 🙂
  • Stephan Janssen has posted about the ‘brand new “My Devoxx”​ mobile app‘, built using JavaFX (using Gluon) and running on iOS and Android, which is being used for all Devoxx conferences, including Devoxx US coming up this week.

JavaFX links of the week, March 13

Sorry for the irregular posts recently – whilst on paternity leave my time was limited and it wasn’t always easy to get posts out. Now that I’m back at work I can more easily get things written. Apologies to anyone I may have missed – keeping an eye out on latest developments was also a little difficult. Anyway, there’s a lot to cover this week: