We’ve been working hard on performance lately for FX 8. Following is a performance report from Katya Pavlova, one of the members of our performance team who gives us regular (at least weekly) updates on the performance of the platform.

Notable Improvements (comparing to fx2.2-b21-ga)

There are a lot of improvements integrated into fx8.0. Most significant are:

  • Multithreading has been implemented and turned on
    • RT-15195 “Allow QuantumRenderer thread and FX Application thread to run in parallel”
  • A lot of Controls improvements including:
    • RT-23873 “Investigate (and improve) ListView / TreeView / TableView performance”
    • RT-20840 “fx2.2-h17-b01: Adding new column to TableView results in creating new N columns instead of 1”
    • RT-22244 “Pisces Renderer shows huge performance win when coded in C”
  • Web node improvements

JavaFX 8.0 performance was improved for almost all benchmarks. In particular performance was improved for:

  • more than 50% in Charts
  • more than 100% in some Controls
  • up to 30% in DirtyArea
  • more than 20% in FXFire
  • up to 30% in Guimark2.Bitmap and Guimark2.Vector
  • up to 30% in JFXPanel-GUIMark2.Bitmap and more than 100% in JFXPanel-GUIMark2.Vector
  • more than 30% in Layout
  • up to 20% in WebNode.Guimark2-Text