Having been traveling for the last three weeks, I’ve not been able to post the weekly JavaFX links roundup. Today I’m trying to make up for this by posting all the links I gathered as I was traveling (and on vacation). There are two problems with this approach: 1) what follows is basically information overload, and 2) I almost certainly missed links. I hope you can all forgive me for this one time, and I also hope you find a heap of interesting links in this post (it took me a looonnggg time to write this week!).

Whilst I’m here, I must note that it was great meeting so many people at JavaOne. The number of times I was speaking to someone who didn’t know me, only to see my name badge and know exactly who I was because of this blog was actually very impressive. I’m surprised so many of you read this blog! Anyway, with that (and because this post is already long enough) let’s get straight into it… šŸ™‚

Phew! That’s that for another week. I’ll get back into the regular schedule starting next week, so hopefully next weeks posting won’t be as great an ordeal (for you and me!) next week. Catch you all in a weeks time folks šŸ™‚