I was just going through the bug database and realized that, to my knowledge, we’ve never actually told people what the code names are for our releases, and that that is pretty useful to know when filing bugs. Ever since JavaFX 1.0 we’ve used street or area names from San Francisco as our code names. Honestly I can’t remember the 1.0 code name anymore. 1.2 was called “Marina”, 1.3 was “SoMa” (South of Market).

This release, 2.0, is called “Presidio”, and the next major release is called “Lombard”. So when you see that your issue is targeted at one of these, you know what we’re taking about! If it remains “untargeted”, then it has gone into the pool from which we draw features for future releases, but may not be targeted to a specific release until later in the planning cycle.