We’re running a little survey here at FX Experience to get input from JavaFX developers (and everybody else!) as to the ways they would use a port of JavaFX to smartphones and tablets (think: iOS, Android, and WinRT). This is your chance to really influence the future of JavaFX! Get your friends to participate!

*Type of company?

*What is the primary target market for your application?

*How many end users do you think will use your mobile application?

*What alternative development platforms are you evaluating?

*What mobile platforms would you like to release your application for?

*Would you be willing to contribute to OpenJFX to help accelerate the development of JavaFX for tablets/mobile? This can range from signing a contributor agreement, to submitting bug fixes, or more.

*Have you been developing a desktop version of your application with JavaFX?

*Will you use JavaFX for desktop applications even if it’s not available for mobile and tablets?

*When are you planning to finalize your decision in terms of development platform for mobile?

Please let us know about you if you don’t mind. We will not share this information.