JavaFX 2.1 was released yesterday right on schedule, along with the JavaFX 2.1 release notes, and a huge number of new articles on the JavaFX documentation site. From the Oracle press release, here are the key improvements in JavaFX 2.1 (aside from fixing a whole heap of bugs):

  • Available for Windows and Mac OS X (with Linux support currently as preview release) (See also Henrik Stahl’s blog on Mac OS)
  • Includes playback of MPEG-4 multimedia containing H.264/AVC video and AAC audio
  • New WebView support for JavaScript to Java method calls, which enables JavaScript content to leverage Java for demanding operations
  • Support for enhanced font rendering on LCD displays, including sub-pixel rendering
  • Additional UI enhancements such as combo box, stacked chart, and application-wide menu bar
  • Bundled with the Java 7u4 release
  • Oracle has started the OpenJFX project in OpenJDK as part of the plan to open source JavaFX

Now – onward with JavaFX 2.2!