Yesterday our SQE (Software Quality Engineering) team pushed our JavaFX functional test suite, JemmyFX to OpenJFX! They also pushed some tests for Ensemble, our samples application. JemmyFX is based on Jemmy, a visual testing framework for Java used in NetBeans for many years. JemmyFX contains extensions which make it possible to write visual tests for JavaFX. Although JemmyFX is in the openjfx repo, you can download it and use it for writing visual tests for your own JavaFX applications.

For those folks who have been looking at contributing code to JavaFX, this is great news, because it means you can accelerate adoption of your specific features by also writing the tests necessary to ensure correctness, either as JUnit tests or now as functional tests using Jemmy. All you guys working on DatePicker, I’m looking at you 😉