Here we go again – yet another intro to a blog post series that hasn’t changed much at all in the years it has been running (both here and on my personal blog)! For that reason, let’s just jump into the links (which, lets admit it, is the real reason you’re here). Enjoy! 🙂

Also, I thought I’d link to the JavaOne conference sessions, which are now published online. For those mostly interested in JavaFX, you might want to refine the search criteria to the Java SE track. Additionally, a tutorial has appeared online recently that details MigLayout. Despite being most commonly used in the Swing world, it has been adapted to numerous other UI toolkits, including SWT and JavaFX. The JavaFX version is available online (but I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention that the JavaFX SDK comes with the GridPane layout, which may meet your needs).

Keep up all the hard work folks. Catch you all next week.