I was just given notice that we were allowed to share an internal FXML document originally written by Greg Brown, a member of the JavaFX controls team. What follows is a painfully slow (and very labour intensive!) PDF to HTML conversion We’ve updated the document, and instead of re-translating it every time, I will now just be posting the PDF file directly. If you find any mistakes, please leave a comment (or email me), and I’ll update the document. I also have to add the normal disclaimers: this is a draft document, and it is likely that it may change leading up to the GA release of JavaFX 2.0. With that out of the way, read on and enjoy! 🙂

Download the latest 'Introducing FXML' document

In case you’re wondering what FXML is, FXML is a scriptable, XML-based markup language for constructing Java object graphs. It provides a convenient alternative to constructing such graphs in procedural code, and is ideally suited to defining the user interface of a JavaFX application, since the hierarchical structure of an XML document closely parallels the structure of the JavaFX scene graph.