Howdy folks to another week of links. It certainly seems like the number of links this week has picked up, which is great to see. Let’s get right into things.

  • Adam Bien had a very popular blog post about JavaFX 2.0, showing off how you build a very simple Hello World application using the early JavaFX 2.0 API. Also interesting is the considerable discussion that took place in the comments section.
  • Adam Bien continues posting about JavaFX 2.0, this time doing a quick post about how a TableView control can be created and populated. On my behalf, your feedback on this is very much appreciated (even though the API shown by Adam is a little out of date now).
  • Peter Pilgrim has recorded three screencasts as he plays with and explores the new JavaFX 2.0 SDK. Just note that what he is showing is pre-beta code samples using APIs that may change, and of course no best practices have been developed yet, so continue to explore with alternate approaches! 🙂
  • Stephen Chin was interviewed by OTN, where he discusses JavaOne, JavaFX, Visage and other topics.
  • Stephen Chin is currently in India on business, and he gave the ‘JavaFX 2.0 and Alternate Languages‘ talk he and I first gave at JavaOne. Each time he gives it it’s a little bit different though, so it pays to check it out if you’re interested.
  • The JavaFX 2.0 roadmap has been updated to reflect the current state of progress. In general it appears as if the JavaFX team are doing a great job, keeping up with the schedule (which has always been a very tight schedule!).

Catch you all in a weeks time!