Howdy. Todays post should really be titled ‘Java desktop links of the past three weeks’, but I’m sure you’re aware that I was overseas and unfortunately too busy to do a proper post. Regardless, during that time I was still collecting links as best I could, and have posted them below. Due to the sheer number of links, I have only included the links of most relevance. Apologies if your link wasn’t included (although I may have also genuinely missed it). As always, if you want a link included, it’s best to flick me an email and I’ll include it in the next weeks post if it’s suitable. Right, let’s get on with the links!

JavaFX 2.0

The big news at JavaOne for us was obviously the announcement of JavaFX 2.0. I’ve got a tonne of links below, and it’s well worth reading the comment sections of most blog posts for further discussion and clarification.

JavaFX 1.x

Well, there’s a tonne of links in there – hopefully you found something interesting or useful! Now that I’ve spent the last two hours reading and writing these links, it’s time to get to work 🙂 Catch you all in a weeks time, where things will return to normal.