A relatively quiet week this week in the JavaFX world, which is understandable given that JavaFX 2.0 is in the works (and let me tell you, it’s starting to look good!). This week we have the following two posts of interest to the community:

  • William Billingsley blogs about the perils of calling this.getClass() in JavaFX Script. My apologies to William for missing his blog last week, despite him emailing the link to me!
  • Coming up on November 10 is Stephen Chin’s talk about JavaFX 2.0 with alternative languages. This is an extended talk based on the presentation he and I gave at JavaOne. His talk also will be covering the visage project. Don’t worry – I’ll remind you of this talk next week also.

That’s it for this week – I told you it was a quick post! 🙂

As always, feel free to drop me an email with links you think I should cover in a future post.