FX Experience Has Gone Read-Only

I've been maintaining FX Experience for a really long time now, and I love hearing from people who enjoy my weekly links roundup. One thing I've noticed recently is that maintaining two sites (FX Experience and JonathanGiles.net) takes more time than ideal, and splits the audience up. Therefore, FX Experience will become read-only for new blog posts, but weekly posts will continue to be published on JonathanGiles.net. If you follow @FXExperience on Twitter, I suggest you also follow @JonathanGiles. This is not the end - just a consolidation of my online presence to make my life a little easier!

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One of the annoying sharp edges in JavaFX is around text alignment, especially with regards to the Text node. In this tip, I’m going to skip using the Text node in favor of using the Label control, because it gives you better… uh… control over text placement. This is actually based on a trick I used to use with Swing all the time. If I wanted to center some text in a layout, I’d specify the space I wanted the text positioned within by setting the size of the label to match that space, and then I’d either position the text at the center, top, right, etc.

Using the same trick in JavaFX, I can cause some text to be right positioned. An additional benefit to using the Label control is that if the space isn’t big enough for the text, it can be elided using the textOverrun variable.

    Label {
        width: bind 120
        text: "Right Positioned Message!"
        font: Font { size: 10 }
        textFill: Color.BLACK
        hpos: HPos.RIGHT

Anyway, it ain’t perfect but a good trick for the moment.