Today I’m pleased to make available an updated Scenic View 8.0.0 release (that is, the version of Scenic View targeted at JavaFX 8.x). This release is mainly to keep Scenic View working with the latest JavaFX 8.0 APIs. In addition a number of bugs have been resolved to make Scenic View slightly more usable (but there is still a lot broken and / or disabled). If you are still having trouble getting Scenic View to start and find any JavaFX applications please leave a comment and help me out – the next developer preview release is intended to focus on improving this aspect of Scenic View (I have built all the scaffolding to improve things but not yet implemented much of it).

For those unfamiliar with Scenic View, it can best be described thusly: Scenic View is a JavaFX application designed to make it simple to understand the current state of your application scenegraph, and to also easily manipulate properties of the scenegraph without having to keep editing your code. This lets you find bugs, and get things pixel perfect without having to do the compile-check-compile dance.

As always, further information and download links can be found on the Scenic View page.