A new JavaFX 2.0 beta build has been made available. The main feature of this release are:

  • The worker threading API that Richard has discussed previously.
  • Support for rich text editing (via the new HTMLEditor control)
  • A FileChooser dialog.
  • FXML, which is a scriptable, XML-based markup language for constructing JavaFX user interfaces. Turns out I was wrong on this – we didn’t get this into this build. It will definitely be in the next one however!

In addition, I believe that both the online API docs, as well as the developer documentation, have been updated, and additional tutorials added. These changes may take a short while to be reflected online however are now online.

I recommend that everyone that is working with JavaFX 2.0 beta builds update to the latest build as soon as possible, as that helps to uncover new issues and also reflects the very latest features and functionality. From my understanding the download rate for these beta builds has been huge, so thanks to everyone for testing the beta releases and giving such valuable feedback. I look forward to hearing your feedback on this latest release. The best place to discuss JavaFX 2.0 is at the OTN forum.