ControlsFX Dialogs

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The ControlsFX Dialogs class contains a collection of pre-built, modal dialogs providing a really simple yet powerful API. Supports all manner of pre-built dialogs, and even allows for custom dialogs to be easily created. Starting with ControlsFX 8.0.2, we also included support for native dialog titlebars.


Dialog ‘Command Links’ support
Command links are common on the Windows platform. The version we have in ControlsFX looks like the following:


Lightweight Dialogs
One of the feature requests from the 8.0.0 was support for dialogs that didn’t open up in their own window (and rather opens within the scene and can’t be moved outside of the window). This style of dialog has two useful benefits: firstly, it can be used on systems that don’t provide a window toolkit (e.g. tablets), and secondly, they can be used to block execution of a subsection of your application whilst allowing the rest of it to remain interactive (e.g. block one tab whilst the rest continue to be accessible). The nice thing about the lightweight dialogs API is to enable it you simply call .lightweight() when using the Dialogs class, or set the useLightWeight property to true in the Dialog constructor – the rendering of the dialog is exactly the same as if it were heavyweight!